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Hockey Made EasyHockey Made Easy Teaching boys and girls the basics
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
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About Hockey Made Easy
The Development Instruction Manual

Author John Shorey explains to WebMaster Joe Lor what the Hockey Made Easy Instruction Manual is all about

Hockey Instruction Hockey Made Easy  is Canada’s premier manual on how to play better hockey.  It's a training instruction .pdf e-book.

Guaranteed to make you a better coach, parent teacher and player or you get your money back!

Hockey Made Easy
 has helped coaches, parents and players (boys and girls aged 5 to 12 ) learn how to play hockey correctly and safely 

For a more in-depth review of manual contents, please refer to the
Table of Contents

What content is in "Hockey Made Easy" ? 

  • 220+ Pages of Hockey Training Information
  • 2,000 Valuable Tips regarding hockey skills, systems, strategies
  • 200 practice drills and diagrams
  • Easy to Read Format
  • Easy to Understand
  • It will get you to the next level

Published to help both coaches and parents teach young players in Beginner to players 12 and Under.

Written in an easy-to-read, so the information can be easily transferred to your young players to help develop their individual and team hockey skills and knowledge whether playing in a House League or ‘AAA’ Rep Team program.

 Free Parents and Coaches Teaching Guide with your Purchase

Receive our 30-page Parents and Coaches Teaching Guide
free of charge .

This will enable dedicated parents and coaches to teach your son, daughter, or players, in a specific teaching sequence, at your home, in a classroom, gym or large hall, or on the ice at your practices.

The Hockey Made Easy Instruction Manual provides

Basic Skills:

  • Skating: forward, backward, stops, starts, turns and 180-degree pivots
  • Puckhandling, stickhandling, deking and carrying the puck
  • Passing and receiving on forehand and backhand
  • Shooting and scoring: including numerous examples
  • Checking: Stick checking & body checking
  • Correctly playing 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 situations
  • Goaltending: Stances, Skills and practice drills


  • Clearing and breakout plays
  • Forechecking systems 2-1-2 aggressive or 1-2-2 neutral zone trap
  • Backchecking systems 2-1-2 or 1-2-2
  • Power play options
  • Penalty killing options aggressive or passive


  • Dump and chase
  • Puck control
  • Composition of lines and defence pairings
  • Net coverage and corner work
  • How to protect a lead
  • Winning Playoff Strategy

Basic Hockey Rules:

  • Off-sides, delayed off-sides, intentional off-sides
  • Icing and non-icing
  • Overview of penalties and what causes them


  • Aerobic drills
  • Anaerobic drills

Hockey Equipment

  • Selection of proper fitting equipment, dressing order,
  • Stick selection for length of stick, lie and curve
  • Skate sizing and fit, rocker of the blades


  • What foods to eat and when to eat them prior to a game or practice
  • What foods to avoid prior to a game or practice

Hockey Terms and Expressions:

  • A vast list of hockey terms and expressions.

What Parents, Coaches and Players Need to Know:

  • Preparing for a Rep Team tryout camp
  • Signing a player commitment card for Rep players
  • Affiliation- what it means and who can be an affiliate player
  • When to get your child to the arena for a game or practice
  • Parents’ behavior at the game

and much, much, more...

Instruciton Plan

Teaching Guide

Practice Guide

Instrucional Plan

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