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Benefits of Hockey Made Easy

How Can Hockey Made Easy Help You,
Your Team and Your Program?

If you're coaching or playing minor hockey, youth hockey or girl's hockey in any of the 5 to 12 year old age categories of House League to "AAA" Rep Programs the information contained in the Hockey Made Easy Training Instruction Manual will help you:

It guarantees to make you a better coach,
parent teacher of your son or daughter

It shows you how to....

  • Improve your skill level and performance
  • Win more games
  • Score more goals
  • Prevent goals

Benefits to Coaches, Parents and Players
of House League to ‘AAA’ Teams

Hockey Made Easy— Training Instruction Manual has over 220 + pages, 2,000 tips and 200 diagrams and drills.

It can be used to:

Teach - young players from Beginner  to Players 12 and under everything they need to know including:

  • Objectives of offensive and defensive hockey
  • Playing rules–such as explaining offside and icings
  • Protective equipment –selection, cost, size, fit, safety and dressing order
  • Basic skills–including all individual and team skills, systems, strategies...

Practice - Information to help Coaches run organized tryouts and practices including:

  • Practice plans for both on ice and off-ice sessions
  • Run organized up-tempo and/or station-to-station practices
  • Use of specific drills to achieve specific results
  • Develop game plans and strategies for opposing teams

Review - Hockey concepts at practice, the gym or team meeting:

  • Positional play and interchangeable positions for forwards and defencemen
  • Clearing or breakout plays
  • Forechecking and backchecking systems
  • Defence how to play 1 on 1, 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 situations...

Test - Your Players to confirm they understand concepts

  • Verbally question your players on past units
  • Develop written questionnaires
  • Physically test players on various hockey skills

Inform - Coaches of information they need to understand:

  • Composition of lines, defence pairings, goaltending skills,
  • On-ice balance, offensive triangles, balanced scoring
  • How to release a player delicately at tryout camp

Save Time -

The Manual will save you valuable time
if players had a copy to study specific pages
at home prior to practice.

Improve -

I guarantee, if coaches utilize the teaching ideas,
they will see an improvement in the performance
of individual players and team by end of season.

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