Hockey Made EasyHockey Training manuals for boys and girls age 5 to 12 years
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
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New this 2017 - 2018 season Coaches Team Instruction Bundle for up to 20 team members $99.95 about $5.00 per team member... .... ... Check our special 22nd Anniversary price below for our bundle of Hockey Made Easy Manuals and access to the Hockey Made Easy web site of 80 + tips and the Hockey Made Easy Shoot to Score Coaching tool ....

Girls & Boys 5 - 12 years old
Learn how to Play Hockey

Hockey Made Easy
is a set of youth and minor hockey training and coaching manuals 
in .pdf format ... 
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Hockey Made Easy"
Canada's Best Minor & Youth
Hockey Training Instruction Manuals

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Written by nationally acclaimed hockey author John Shorey, Hockey Made Easy is a must-have for boys and girls 5 - 12 years of age playing youth and minor hockey. This book is invaluable for minor youth hockey  coaches and parents coaching kids in house league recreational hockey to "AAA" competitive travel star teams and all levels in-between because it works.

Hockey Made Easy is available in .pdf format sent to your computer within minutes after processing your order from anywhere in the world and is Guaranteed to make you a better player, coach, parent teacher or you get your money back!

What improvements can you expect?

Skill Development   Hockey Strategy   Hockey Drills

Training Tips         Hockey Systems    Special Teams

Competitiveness     Shooting & Scoring Practices


You  can  find  out  how  to:

   Score Goals

   Prevent Goals

   Shoot Harder

   Shoot a wrist and slap shot

   Playing 1 on  1 and 2 on 1's correctly

   Give and take a body check safely

   Pass the puck accurately

   Become more competitve and win more games !

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How to Win More Games



Gary Suter “The book Hockey Made Easy is great
for all ages.”

- Former NHL ‘Rookie of the Year’ defenseman  and Stanley Cup Winner
- Gary Suter


“Great Book !”

- Former Head  Coach NHL Carolina Hurricanes and Assistant Coach of the Montreal Canadians and Captain and Stanley Cup winner of the Canadiens
- Kirk Muller

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Hockey Made Easy Youth Minor Hockey Coaches, Practice and Drill Book

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